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There is no better way to express substantive knowledge than through a book where the chapters, contributions and cases are well-integrated and focused.  We publish books, both as text books and as case books,  in topic areas of Leadership, Strategy, Governance, Business Law, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability, Global Business and General Management.

The process is quite uncomplicated. Check if you have material that could become the foundation for a book publication.

To publish a Book we follow these guidelines, and we never charge for submissions, reviews or acceptances:

  • A book does best in the 220-300 page range. We consider books with chapters of text book material, but also for cases, practitioners' contributions, images and other supporting materials.
  • We are NOT interested in abstract research material that cannot easily be promoted to corporate leaders, academics and graduate-level students.
  • There are opportunities to become a book AUTHOR, a case book EDITOR, a chapter AUTHOR, a case AUTHOR or a foreword AUTHOR, all for refereed material.
  • We usually add one of our senior editors to the list of authors or editors when additional work is needed from our end to prepare material for publication.
  • Books take 5-20 weeks for production, depending on complexity, so good planning is needed to make sure that all required material comes together at the right time.
  • It is presumed that all contributors have read and agreed to, our Copyright Statement, which governs all book publications.

All books publish electronically and are available at nominal costs for downloads, including for teaching use.  Together with the printed hardcopy editions, they are available through our Publication Store.

Contact our editorial office for more information.